Your  Life  Science  R&D  Expert

DRIMARCH is your preferred partner to support you in all aspects of Life Science Research and Development: strategic planning, business development, project management.

An experienced team of Life Science Research and Development leaders having a profound background in the Pharmaceutical, Agribusiness, Animal Health, and Med Tech industry offers you support as well as access to a highly competent specialist network. Liaising innovators with venture capital brings your ideas faster to market and makes them a practical reality.

Who we are

We are four partners with over sixty years practical experience in Life Science innovation management. Access to a highly competent scientific, technical and financial network of experts makes DRIMARCH special. We want to support you to accelerate your Research and Development projects in the Pharma, Animal Health, Agribusiness, and MedTech industry.
René Amstutz, PhD           partner

Extended experience in managing drug discovery departments and processes. Application and development of state-of-the art discovery technologies in the fields of structural biology, analytics, lead finding activities, MRI, antibody generation, protein production sourcing. Proven track record in developing drugs to the market. Leading biotech start-up companies.

Stefan Blarer, PhD        managing director and partner

Accredited EIC and EU Blueinvest business coach, FFG Austria expert. Experienced in management of Life Science R&D departments, R&D technology development, Life Science business development. Member of Pharma and Agro Global R&D leadership teams, Novartis corporate Research Advisory Board RAB, board of directors in start-up companies.

Christof Hildenbrand, PhD partner

Former global head of R&D with a leading Animal Health Life Science company. Management of chemistry, biology, formulation, analytics, registration, toxicology, and portfolio management activities. Full responsibilities for global R&D projects and budgets. Member of the board of directors, proven track record in medical chemistry, focused on development in parasitology and of vaccines.

Ruedi Gygax, PhD             partner

Experience in investment activities in biotech and start-up companies in venture capital set-ups. Board member of such companies during their foundation, through M&A transactions, and turn-around situations. Further activities in the area of R&D management in Material Research and Process Safety.



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